Why Gratitude Is Good For You

Gratitude has been a big theme in my professional and personal life in the last week. I managed to send some thank you notes (finally) last week and was happy with that. But then the book I am reading delved into the importance of gratitude in changing moods. Today, I opened my email to find that one of my favorite bloggers is also talking about gratitude. Even my freakin’ weekly horoscope is telling me to practice kind and unselfish deeds. So. I guess it’s time to talk about gratitude. If you didn’t know this already, expressing gratitude is one of the most effective antidotes to depression. It can make you happier, healthier and more fulfilled. Turns out the old adage: “It is better to giv

How to Let Go and Get Unstuck, Part 2

Last week I talked about the life lesson I learned while floating down the Clackamas River. In short, the lesson was: The harder I worked, the “stucker” I got and I offered up a tip on one way to let go. This week, we’re talking about another tip that works in them moment, but I also want to talk about one of my pet peeves of trying to learn to let go. Just scroll to the bottom if you want to ignore my pesky pet peeves. But aren’t you even a little bit interested? Throughout my life, people have had a tendency to tell me to “just let it go.” If only it were that easy. For those of you for whom letting go is easy, by all means, share what you’ve learned about how you let go when something has

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