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Many of the people I work with yearn to be their own boss, but balk at the uncertainty that goes with it. For the past two years, I’ve been flip-flopping (sometimes daily!) about whether to hang on to my very-part-time-but-regular-paycheck job.

While I didn’t have that...

January 14, 2020

Last week I lied to you. I lied because I wanted to look good and because I wanted more people to sign up for my Artist’s Way group. I wanted you to think that I am more successful than I actually am.

I sent an email that employed a marketing technique designed to creat...

My coach asked me why I love the Artist’s Way so much. So I thought it was high time I put into words what has fueled and directed so many of my decisions.

I love the Artist’s Way because it was my first introduction to a God-Universe-Higher-Power concept that wasn’t ha...

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