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A True Story About the Power of Prioritizing

What's your biggest time-sucking, energy-wasting activity? Email? Scheduling? Facebook?

While all of the above are known for sucking you into a black hole where time has no meaning, the one "activity" you probably didn't consider is indecision.

Yep, many of us spend countless minutes and hours swirling in indecision, back-and-forthing, pro-and-conning. There's the time spent thinking about a decision, researching a decision, talking to people about the decision—and then there's the background noise in your brain that runs and runs, draining your energy much like a radio left on in a car drains a battery.

You may find that you can't get started, have lost your power to be creative, and I suspect if you think about it, you'll be able to trace some of this energy drain back to a decision that needs to be made that's been avoided--or to a decision made that you're now second-guessing.

So, onto a brief but inspiring story about one of my clients.

He's a busy guy, an entrepreneur who has enjoyed some success with his blog/business and was trying to decide whether to really commit and make a go of it. The first time we spoke, it was clear he had a million great ideas and just needed to prioritize.

Like many fledgling businesses, his first concern was making money, so we talked about how much advertising revenue he would need to bring in to cover his bills, and then, in the ideal world, how much he would need to bring in to be able to hire people so he could delegate some tasks.

We set a modest revenue goal, and then a "wouldn't it be nice if..." goal.

When he looked at his calendar, it looked blank-ish. So much to do, but very little was planned and prioritized, except for meetings with other people.

It turns out there were a lot of advertisers clamoring to partner with him, he just hadn't returned their emails. Crazy, right? He needs money. Respond to those emails!

What stopped him from returning the emails?

Spinning in indecision about what was most important and what he needed to focus on. Every time he started one thing, there was another to-do item demanding to be noticed.

The solution seemed obvious and simple: Respond to advertiser emails from 10:00am - 11:00am every day. That's it. One hour a day.

In two weeks, he'd met his goal for the entire month of March. By week 3, he had landed a big fish that was three times his "wouldn't it be nice if..." goal and now he gets to hire out some of the work.

This solution was not rocket science, and obviously, my client had already done a ton of the legwork on his product and blog to get advertisers interested in him in the first place.

But it only took three weeks to surpass his wildest dream.

So, right now, look at the day ahead of you, or tomorrow.

  1. Where in your life are you wasting time in indecision?

  2. What's your priority?

  3. What's the first step in making it happen? Put it on your calendar.

  4. Obey your calendar.

  5. See what happens and let me know. I'd love to hear!

If you want some help with prioritization and making decisions, send me an email. I offer complimentary 1-hour phone sessions to new clients.

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