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An Antidote to the Inner Critic

My coach asked me why I love the Artist’s Way so much. So I thought it was high time I put into words what has fueled and directed so many of my decisions.

I love the Artist’s Way because it was my first introduction to a God-Universe-Higher-Power concept that wasn’t harsh, judgmental or critical. It was the first time I was introduced to a way of looking at the world that was grounded in love, the notion that the universe is benevolent, and the idea that taking action in pursuit of my truest self IS taking responsibility for my life. Doing the AW is what helped me see why and how my perfectionism was problematic in my relationship with myself and relationships with others. It gave me permission to get off the hamster wheel and play. Play!

It introduced me to the notion that having FUN could be more productive than keeping my nose to the grindstone. It gave me freedom from the constant story running in my head, “If only you’d work harder…” "If you just learned how to ___..." "You should be more ___."

What I'm really talking about is that it gave me a path to self-compassion because it allowed the other (right) side of my brain a chance to be present and get some exercise, and that allowed me to hear my inner wisdom. I knew I wanted access to that wisdom, I just didn't know what to do to get it until I started reading and doing the exercises in the AW.

And what does all of this have to do with career coaching? A lot, actually.

I believe people want to work; they want to be productive; they want to do what they are good at and they want to make the world a better place.

They just aren’t always sure what to do, how to make it happen or whether their dreams are “realistic.” They need a safe space to explore what's possible, as well as an outside perspective to point out their blind spots.

When their ideas don't fit with societal and cultural norms, it's harder to let them come to the surface.

When people come to me, they are often suffering from listening to their inner critic too much, and it has worn them down. AW provides tools and a process that are an antidote to that critical voice.

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