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Getting Back to Basics: Hope

As I write this, Oregon is experiencing historic wildfires. As if life in quarantine wasn’t stressful enough. As if the fight for social justice wasn’t gut-wrenching enough. As if an upcoming election wasn’t anxiety-producing enough. And it’s September 11, a sobering reminder of how much this country has been through and continues to go through.

I keep thinking when is it going to stop?

When everything feels out of control, what can you do? If nothing is "normal," what’s the next right step? How do you plan…anything?

The honest answer is I have no idea what the path or plan or next step is for you. But I DO know that we all need connection and support, that we all want meaning in our lives, and that when everything is broken, it’s time to get back to basics. For me, that looks like breathing. Talking to people. Helping someone else.


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