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Trusting My Expert Self Instead of the Experts

I wasn't going to write anything this week, but I didn't want to ghost you. (Mom, I'll explain what "ghosting" is next time we talk.)

Against all expert marketing advice, I've made a decision: I'm going to send a newsletter only when I have something I really want to say, when I want to announce something, or if you tell me there's a topic or issue you want me to talk about.

This means you might hear from me some weeks and you might not. This lack of consistency is frowned upon by nearly everyone who knows anything about marketing.

But I'm doing it anyway because I want to be respectful of time, yours and mine. I don't want to blab about stuff because I "should."

That said, I absolutely would LOVE to know if there is something you would like to know more about, and if I think I can adequately and competently address it in a newsletter, I will.

Thank you for being a reader of this newsletter. I really, really appreciate knowing that someone is paying attention, and I've always enjoyed the feedback I get from you.

I'm not going anywhere; I'm just trying to follow my own advice and do things at my own pace. I might change my mind later, but for now, it seems like the right decision for me.

Thanks for being on this journey with me. :)



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