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Between July 7 and August 6, I am gifting 30 calls in 30 days, 90 minutes/call. To live according to MY personal values of joy and freedom, I have created the Summer Breakthrough coaching project.

We all have a story, situation, belief or habit that we need to make a break with, but it's easier said than done. The project is for people who want this summer to make a breakthrough in some area of their lives.

How do I get a spot in the Summer Breakthrough coaching project?

1.     Click this link to book an appointment between July 7 – August 6 to secure one of 30 spots.

2.     Complete the short questionnaire I send you so I know exactly what you want to focus the call on.

3.     Your call is 90 minutes.

4.     Show up! Canceled calls will not be rescheduled.

5.    Spread the love -- If you’ve already participated in a coaching call with me in 2020, kindly forward this to someone you think could benefit from coaching rather than signing up for a spot yourself. If I still have spots after the initial launch, I’ll let you know and you’ll be able to sign up at that point. 

I help "lost" people get found. I was my first client, a long beta test, shall we say.


For 15 years I had jobs that were not right. Not the right position. Not the right company. Not the right boss. Not the right industry. Just. Not. Right.


I knew they were not right for me in my gut, but I didn’t know what WAS right, nor did I have any process for figuring it out. I had tried—taken multiple assessments (sometimes multiple times), had dozens of informational interviews, read career-type books, and talked to everyone I met about how they decided on their career. But nothing ever clicked for me.


So I started to tell myself this story: I must be too picky. Other people are happy with just a paycheck. I’m asking for too much – doing what I enjoy, am good at and get paid for it. What’s wrong with me? Why can’t I figure this out?


I was stumped and stuck. When someone asked, “If you won the lottery and could do anything, what would you do?” I couldn’t answer. I could only tell you what I didn’t want.


I felt hopeless and LAME. So I tried to prove to myself that I could be happy with a job that was good enough, one that used some of my skills and paid decent.  Maybe the commute wasn’t too bad or the mission was a good one, even if I didn’t particularly care about it. Maybe I could help people even if I was bored to tears with the actual work. I just needed to be realistic.


Finally—and fortunately—I had a job that was so wrong for me that it forced me to change my story and take a leap of faith. The job wasn’t bad; many people would’ve called it a “good” job. It simply didn’t reflect my values, real talents or interests. While my bank account was full, I was spiritually and emotionally bankrupt.


It was at that point I went on vacation. Waking up in a new landscape, the California redwoods, I said out loud, “Something has got to change. I can’t keep living like this.”


I meant it. I was finally ready make a break—to leave the bad job, even if though I did not have another one lined up. I had no idea how it would work out. I just knew I had to trust that inner voice and make the break. That was when coaching found me.  

I found it because I finally said, “No” to my current life, not because all of a sudden I’d discovered coaching. I’d heard about life coaching ten years earlier and dismissed it, giving excuses like It wasn’t realistic. I just couldn’t afford it. It sounded lame to say you were a life coach.


I found it because I was in enough anguish that I was ready to consider other options. I had to get good and miserable before I listened to my inner voice. I had to stop listening to “society” and stop trying to make my life look like everyone else’s.


Being away from the daily grind provided a new landscape, a new perspective and a new story to emerge. By paying attention to that inner voice, I allowed myself to create a new story: I can do what I enjoy, use my real talents, learn more about what intrigues me, help people—and get paid for it!



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