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The Block Buster

Are you stuck? In 45 minutes I can show you the real reason you're not taking action and give you at least 3 practical suggestions for overcoming career paralysis or your creative block. You'll take a 20-minute online assessment and then get a 45-minute 1:1 consultation with me to debrief the results. Easy! $97

Create a Career Worth Having Package

Are you tired of living in career limbo? Should I do this? Should I do that? It can be exhausting. This 15-session, 6-month will help you clear out old career baggage and design the life you want that your career supports. $2999


Step 1: Explore & Experiment 
We’ll walk through a series of exercises, designed to tap into what inspires you, discover hidden potential and underutilized talents, gather insights and reveal what’s keeping you stuck. 

Step 2: Purpose & Vision 
We’ll create a concrete vision for your career that will guide you for the next chapter of your life, and you will also learn practical tools for overcoming obstacles.

Step 3: Plan & Set Goal 
We’ll craft a strategic action plan customized for realizing your specific career goals. That means homework and accountability, specific actions each week and measurable progress toward your goal.

Step 4: Implement, Evaluate & Celebrate 
This step ensures you get some extra support to troubleshoot as you launch your plan and watch your new career take off!

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