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The Creative Breakthrough

The Creative Breakthrough is a 12-week program that provides you with dedicated, uninterrupted time and space to BE creative, learn how to manage your inner critic and experiment with living a more creative and joyful life. 


Using the book The Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron as a foundation, you will go beyond talking about being creative and start doing. You'll learn how to tap into your creativity, appreciate your own unique process, and understand where you get stuck and how to get un-stuck. 


The 12-Week Creative Breakthrough Program Includes

  • Creative Studio -- a two-hour block each week for:

    • 30 minutes for check-in, book discussion/learning/experimenting

    • 1.25+ hour for an Artist’s Date (playing, writing, drawing, painting, etc)

    • 15 minutes wrap up​

  • Individual Coaching -- three 60-minute sessions (1/month)

  • Breakthrough sessions -- two 90-minute sessions using an innovative technique called RIM (regenerating images in memory) 


Mondays from 4pm-6pm by zoom

Starts Monday, June 14

Price: $999

The Midlife Breakthrough

At some point in our lives, most of us get stuck. We find ourselves in a place that is is nearly intolerable, yet we don’t know where or how to move forward. The Midlife Breakthrough is a 6-month individual coaching program that helps you move from confusion and self-doubt to find freedom and create a more fulfilling life. 

RIM (regenerating images in memory)

What is RIM? 
RIM® (Regenerating Images in Memory) is an advanced technique for releasing stuck emotional memories in the body. Using the latest brain research, RIM is a whole-brain and body process that taps into your subconscious through your imagination to remove obstacles you weren't even aware of. 

The RIM® process allows you to re-generate foundational stories and create new neural pathways that can provide relief and freedom from negative thought patterns and behaviors. It has also been shown to reduce or eliminate physical pain. 
To learn more, visit:  Price: $150/session or $300 for 3 sessions. Each session is 90 minutes.


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