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Help 100

I am gifting over 100 hours of coaching in 2020

What is it?

Help 100 is a project designed to spread the power of coaching, create community, and make the world a better place, one coaching conversation at a time. For 2020, I am gifting more than 100 hours of pro bono coaching (70 sessions, each 1.5 hours).



It’s my mission to reduce suffering. Period.


Suffering is created when we are taught we are unworthy, when we are taught that are dreams are not “responsible,” when we are taught that there is no practical place in the world for our gifts and talents; instead, they are to be a “side gig.”


When you know yourself, trust yourself, love yourself and are yourself, the world is a better place. There is less internal conflict and therefore, less external conflict.


My gift to you, and by extension, to the world is to give opportunities for people to learn how to know, trust, love and be themselves through a coaching conversation.


Who is it for?

I’m enrolling clients who…


Know you have more to offer the world and want to make it a better place — you just don’t know what that looks like or how to make it happen.


Trust that the transition you are in — whether that’s a midlife crisis, a “dark night of the soul,” or job loss — can serve a greater purpose in your (and others’) life; but you can’t see what that purpose is yet (which kind of sucks).


Love and yearn to be truly yourself because that is where freedom and joy reside.


May be in recovery from a variety of “-isms” — perfectionism, corporate Capitalism, Catholicism, alcoholism, you name it.

Round 1: February 1-Feb 14 (10 appointments)

Round 2: March 1-March 14 (10 appointments)

Round 3: May 1 – May 14 (10 appointments)