What's The First Step in Creating the Career of Your Dreams?

What’s the first step in creating your dream career? Giving yourself permission to dream. Ask yourself this question right now: If you could do anything in the world and be successful at it immediately, what would you do? For some people, this is easy to answer—and those people are lucky. (I also find them to be annoyingly self-actualized and happy.) For some of us, it’s paralyzing. If you couldn’t answer the question, you aren’t alone. Years ago someone asked me a version of this question, and I panicked. I knew I should be able to answer the question, but the truth was, my brain froze. Any idea that struggled to consciousness in my brain was met with withering criticism from the other side

Three Job Search Pitfalls to Avoid

A number of years ago I was part of the “dot bomb” series of layoffs at a company. Anxious about when and where I would find work, I kept imagining the worst. In an effort to chill me out, a friend of mine offered me this tidbit, “You’re not going to starve.” And it was true. I wouldn’t starve. I wouldn’t be homeless. I might have to cut back on expenses, but I wasn’t going to starve, be thrown out and living under a bridge or sleeping in doorways. Knowing that — actually, believing it — calmed me down. More importantly, I started to appreciate that I was a lot better off than many people, and I was truly grateful. Here are the three pitfalls that we tend to fall into when we are out of work

The Trick to Cultivating Motivation for Your Job Search

Looking for work is challenging. All the effort and energy comes from YOU. You’re the one who has to send out the resumes, apply for the jobs, reach out to people to network, look for job postings, etc. It’s a huge expenditure of energy that relies solely on your ability to motivate yourself. And, often, you may hear … crickets. Finding that internal motivation is critical, but often people inadvertently de-motivate themselves when it comes to their job search. For example, one of my clients takes a deep breath and sighs every time we get past the "how are yous" to talking about his job search. Which is ironic because the reason he’s here is to talk about his job search, but he is far more c

Facing A Not-So-Perfect 50: Pearls from Paige

I turned 50 last week. I’m not gonna lie. It was a gut punch. I thought that, by now, my life would be all figured out and perfect. Last year on my birthday, I thought, “It’s ok that I’m not at my ideal weight. By the time I turn 50, I’ll be 50 pounds lighter and business will be booming.” Life had other things in mind for me. While I had a weight goal and a vague business goal, I did not write these down or make a concrete plan. However, I did write two words on my bathroom mirror in a dry erase marker: “acceptance” and courage.” I figured I would need both. As you’ve probably guessed, I did not lose 50 pounds, thereby becoming “perfect,” nor did I totally crush it in my business. Instead,

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