Changing Your Internal Auto-Responder

My coach (yes, I have my own coach) is a prolific writer and producer of content. I cannot believe how much helpful, valuable (not marketing fluff) content she cranks out. As a student in her mentorship, I get emails from her with links to newly produced content, announcements about upcoming free masterclasses she’s offering, etc. etc. I am in awe — and also find it overwhelming. I thought she might want to know the impact it has on me, when I realized she would probably laugh very good-naturedly (yes, I made that up) and say, “You don’t have to read it, or even open it. It’s always your choice.” I realized what my problem is: I have an "auto-response." Every time she sends an email, I think

The Coronavirus Silver Lining Playbook

When there's a crisis, I have an odd reaction. I calm down. Because it’s so clear that I have no control over what’s happening, I finally let go of all the little stuff that typically drives me nuts and stresses me out. If only I could remember this when things are "normal"! Last Friday, the bare shelves at Trader Joe’s were a shock and made me wonder how long I could subsist on pancake mix and rice (two things I seem to have plenty of). For the first time I “got” how big this pandemic is: Do I have enough food to last the week? Would they re-stock the shelves? Is it possible that Portland could run out of food? And then I used all those questions to rationalize why I was eating Smartfood po

My Terrible, Horrible, Very Bad, No Good Day — and How I Got Over It

A couple weeks ago, I had one of those days (weeks, actually). In addition to setting my dishwasher on fire (you can read about that little incident here), my leaky faucet couldn’t be ignored any longer, the microwave went kaput and a client I was looking forward to working with backed out at the last minute. Plus there’s that pesky mortgage payment due. I was bummed. Well, and then there’s the coronavirus, the Dow being on a rollercoaster, and the world generally seems way out of control. While “I should know better,” I still found myself in a downward spiral, and quite frankly, I wanted someone else to make it all go away. Needless to say, it wasn’t my finest week, and it spilled over into

How to Start a Fire in Your Dishwasher and Other Life Lessons

I am the only person I know who can start a fire in a dishwasher while it’s running. This takes a special, Houdini-like talent. Here’s what happened. I smelled smoke, but I couldn’t find the cause. Strange. I checked every room, closet, and cupboard, in my house. I checked the garage. I went outside and walked around the block. Since I live in a duplex, I thought that maybe my neighbor had left the coffee pot on or left a candle burning or a rodent had chewed through electrical lines? I went to their side of the house and rang the doorbell and looked through the windows. No one appeared to be home. I also didn’t see any fire, and nothing smelled like smoke over there. I wasn’t crazy. I wasn’

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