What If You Didn’t Need to Retire?

I just got off the phone with a financial planner who gave me a little tidbit of info: Only 8 percent of the people in this country have enough money to retire on. Before you freak out and get all doomsday-y, let’s see how this could be an opportunity for you. What if you let go of the idea that you have to do the daily grind to “save for retirement”? I frequently hear people sigh and say things like, “Well, I have to keep working at this place I hate to save for retirement. That’s just reality.” Says who? How much of your life is being dictated by your future retirement? First of all, are you sure retirement will make you happy? Just like in life, some people are happy in retirement and som

C'mon, People, Go Do Your Thang

Today’s post is inspired in part by International Women’s Day, which was yesterday, but you probably already knew that. One of my colleagues told me about Diane Von Furstenburg’s foundation and the DVF Awards. They are giving $50k to the non-profit that gets the most votes. So go read about ‘em and vote. That’s the first thing I want you to do. The second thing I want you to do is listen to the thoughts in your head. What comes up when you read about what they’ve done? Are you a little jealous that they threw caution to the wind and set out to change the world? Good. Are you coming up with reasons why they could do it, but why you can’t? THAT’S what I want to talk about. Because you CAN. The

How FOMO Makes Your Job Search Harder

FOMO, the fear of missing out, is a surprising problem in defining a career or job search. In terms of a job search, candidates may apply for position after position in a variety of industries. Because they are worried about missing out on a potential job, e.g., experiencing FOMO, they try to be all things to all people. This scattershot approach feels really productive because it requires a lot of time and energy. The problem with this quantity vs quality approach is that it tends to breed cover letters and a LinkedIn profile that sound lifeless and generic, so that it's not clear what makes YOU a great employee. Secondly, applying to many jobs or Taking a one-size-fits-all approach may not

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