What Is the Easiest Tip for a Better Life and Career? Set an Intention

Setting an intention is a real thing. I mean, it actually works. I was dubious. In the past, while sitting in a yoga class, the instructor might say, “Set an intention for class today,” and she might even rattle off a few suggestions. Immediately, I would dive into spin cycle, trying to find the “right” intention, worrying whether it’s the best one for how I’m feeling that day. No matter what I choose, self-doubt inevitably challenges whatever choice I made, and while I’m still sorting my options in my head, the instructor has moved on. Class has barely begun, and already, I’ve used it to induce stress instead of calming down. #yogafailure So much for being mindful and present! It took me ye

Why Trusting Your Gut Is More Efficient than Analyzing Data

I don’t know about you, but it has taken me a loooong time to find a career I love. Figuring out what I wanted to be when I grew up was not a divinely inspired spiritual experience consummated by the zap of a lightning bolt. I went back and forth for 15 years, trying to find a good fit. I tried making my current job better, tried changing jobs, changing industries, going from corporate to non-profit and back again. I considered going back to school. My head swam with so many possibilities that I did nothing. I was paralyzed by my own thinking. I also had a long period when nothing sounded good or possible. I hated where I was, I knew it was a terrible fit, but I had no clear direction on whe

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