The Truth About Trust

Last week I wrote about self-trust—that “inner knowing.” I shared that trust is about maintaining integrity with ourselves and tuning into our bodies to access that inner wisdom. It’s easier said than done. As I’ve started to educate myself more about institutional racism, implicit bias and white privilege, where does trusting myself fit in? How can I possibly trust myself and my perceptions as they pertain to institutions, systems, education, customs, the house and neighborhood I live in, where I shop when I know that most of my actions come from my unconscious biases? Simple. I can’t. And that’s the work, I believe, for all of us who have benefited from white privilege and supremacy. When

Trust Yourself Before You Wreck Yourself

First, whatever it took to get you here today, in this moment reading this, thank you. I appreciate you and I appreciate that you are taking the time to click and read. Second, give yourself a gold star for showing up for your life today. Go ahead right now and give yourself credit for anything (and I mean anything) you’ve already accomplished today. For me, I walked the dog, watered the front yard and wrote. These are small things, but they are huge in terms of providing routine and balance to my day. What can you give yourself credit for? Drinking a glass of water? Making your breakfast? Remembering to take your vitamins? Thirdly, I took some of my own advice and it actually worked! Go fig

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