What I Learned When I Let Go of a Regular Paycheck

Many of the people I work with yearn to be their own boss, but balk at the uncertainty that goes with it. For the past two years, I’ve been flip-flopping (sometimes daily!) about whether to hang on to my very-part-time-but-regular-paycheck job. While I didn’t have that many hours at this company, therefore, not a big paycheck, they did deposit money into my bank account every two weeks. Reliably. Plus, I didn’t have to do any marketing and I loved the clients. The struggle has always been around how much of a distraction it is from pursuing my private coaching practice. The administrative side of things was much more cumbersome than with my own practice; I was driving to meet people, often f

Why I Lied, Why I'm Telling You, and What I Learned

Last week I lied to you. I lied because I wanted to look good and because I wanted more people to sign up for my Artist’s Way group. I wanted you to think that I am more successful than I actually am. I sent an email that employed a marketing technique designed to create urgency by using the principal of "scarcity." I used the subject line: "Only 2 spots left in the Artist's Way," when, actually, there were more spots available. It's just marketing. Everybody does it. That's what I told myself. Until a good friend sent an email, excited and congratulatory that my group was nearly full, and I realized what a mistake I’d made: I misled anyone who read the email. I mean, I lied. I hate marketin

An Antidote to the Inner Critic

My coach asked me why I love the Artist’s Way so much. So I thought it was high time I put into words what has fueled and directed so many of my decisions. I love the Artist’s Way because it was my first introduction to a God-Universe-Higher-Power concept that wasn’t harsh, judgmental or critical. It was the first time I was introduced to a way of looking at the world that was grounded in love, the notion that the universe is benevolent, and the idea that taking action in pursuit of my truest self IS taking responsibility for my life. Doing the AW is what helped me see why and how my perfectionism was problematic in my relationship with myself and relationships with others. It gave me permis

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