Living His Mission: Why One Engineer Chose Art Over HVAC

The first time I saw Rick Huddle perform was at Edgefield in Troutdale, OR. We were surrounded by children with painted faces and parents with pints. Someone told me he was also an engineer. Whaa-at? An engineer? That guy who was imitating a cow just a few moments ago? Yes, in fact. Below is an interview with Rick Huddle that shows how he evolved from being a project manager for a construction HVAC company into a children’s storyteller. Given that Rick is a storyteller, I’m going to let his answers speak for themselves. What was you previous job title and industry? My degree was in mechanical engineering. At the time I decided to make a change, I was working as a project manager at a commerc

From Healthcare to Smoothies: A Fresh Look at Retirement and “Security”

Have you ever been on vacation and said to yourself, “I could live here. Why don’t I just move?” And then reality smacks you in the face: you have RESPONSIBILITIES and a JOB and a “real” life that is most definitely not about living in paradise. This week, I bring you the story of Annette Snavely, who, after a respectable, stable, safe career is making the leap that we often convince ourselves is “impossible.” For more than a decade, Annette has been working as a recruiter in healthcare. Over the years, her manager and mentor has recognized Annette’s intelligence and potential and encouraged her to further her education and advance her career. “You’re really good; you could move into managem

From Corporate Marketing to Personal Training: The Ordinary Tale of an Extraordinary Career Change

My mission is to help people identify and pursue work they love. Many of us dream about breaking free from our office cubicles, but find the “golden handcuffs” — the corporate promises of health insurance and a 401k— can keep us stuck in lackluster jobs and careers. We get conflicting messages about making career changes. On one hand, we hear: “Follow your passion and the money will come.” But there’s also the viewpoint, “Passion doesn’t pay the bills.” In 2018, I want to bring you stories of ordinary people who have made the leap from being stuck in a career to creating a life of meaning and purpose. Rather than the stories that assume mythic proportions of people who are “crushing it,” I w

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