Why Work With a Coach When You Can Just Buy a Book?

A while back I was talking with a prospective client, and he asked me a great question: Why would I work with a coach when I could just read a book? It’s an excellent question. And the answer is relatively simple. The reason to work with a coach is because your current thinking is what got you stuck in the first place. To get un-stuck, you need a different perspective and way to think about the problem. We all need help getting out of our own way, which often means we need help seeing outside our own box. Books are awesome and fabulous resources. When you read something illuminating, you can re-read it, highlight it, note it, etc. so that you can fully digest the material, on your timeline.

Is it Time to Give Your Resume a Spring Cleaning?

Last weekend I cleaned out my garage. Now when I pull into my garage, I breathe easier. Instead of focusing on the clutter — shelves crowded with “someday” projects, the birdseed littered on the floor, dust bunnies and dog-fur tumbleweeds chasing each other — I can simply appreciate being home. My brain isn’t assaulted by the minutiae of all the things that should be taken care of. It reminds me of trying to help people de-clutter their resumes. We often make the mistake of thinking that a resume crammed with skills and information detailing every task during our tenure at a company is necessary to get us a job. It is not. First of all (and you probably know this already), resumes are design

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