Give Me the Real Dirt

A guy I know once said, “I don’t want to hear how great your life is. Tell me your shit. I want to know you know where I’ve been. Then I can trust you.” So, on that note my friends, I’m going to tell you my “shit,” the good stuff and the bad stuff. Last week I wrote about living your practice life vs living your real life. I wrote this on Monday, keenly aware that I didn’t "get everything done" on Friday. Already that inner critic is piping up: Why didn’t you do that on Friday like you said you would? You know you’re never going to make it. You should be doing so much more. Reaching out. Developing a real marketing strategy. You should be applying for jobs. Why haven’t you been applying for

Are You Living Your Practice Life or Your Real Life?

I don’t have my shit together. As a life and career coach, I’m supposed to have my shit together. But I don’t. I don't always make enough money to pay my bills. I don’t eat right. I don’t have a life partner. I’ll never be in shape the way I was when I was swimming 4 miles a day. Or when I was 25 and training for a marathon. Or 35 and playing Ultimate Frisbee. It’s beyond embarrassing to admit this. Yet, it’s so, so necessary. I've been waiting for my "someday" life to start. All these “shoulds” and “supposed tos” have stood between me … and everyone. It's so much easier to relate to people when I'm myself instead of how I think you think I should be. Because no one ever really has all their

Re-Thinking Self-Care

When did “self-care” become synonymous with getting our nails done? For the record, I love having my nails done, but it’s not self-care. My Self doesn’t need pretty nails; my ego does. (And, yes, I realize people paint their nails for other reasons.) When we talk about self-care, it’s essential to examine our motivations to be sure that we are supporting our Selves and health rather than inadvertently undermining our self-esteem. Self-care is not irresponsible indulgence; although true self-care may feel indulgent because it’s rarely practiced. Self-care is not about feeding our ego, which is insatiable. It’s not about what we “deserve,” so much as it’s about what we truly need to be a healt

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