3 Fallacies About the Future of Work

Often, asking our parents for advice about work can be outdated because what was true for them when they were in school is no longer true for their children. I was delighted recently when friends of mine were discussing their daughter’s career options. She’s artistic and creative, but is concerned that she won’t be able to make any money. Her parents were encouraging her to pursue her artistic and creative talents, explaining that she has many paths for her future, not just one. They are also showing her the wide variety of places artists make money, showing her possibility rather than shuttling her talents onto a shelf, to be used in her “spare time.” I point this out because, as a society,

How Can You Be the Change?

This may not be a popular post. Using an image of the American flag may be seen it as "nationalistic." I worry I might be criticized, lose clients, or friends. I do not like what I see and hear on the news about what is happening in our country. I became so disempowered by the news that I opted out about 18 months ago. I just stopped paying attention and figured if there was something I needed to know, I’d hear about it eventually. I know my mother thinks this is completely irresponsible. I’m not saying this was a good approach nor am I advocating you follow it. I’m just saying it’s what I did in response to circumstances in our country and world that I felt powerless to change. This post is

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