The Value of Knowing Your Values

What Is a Value? Turning to “The Google,” here’s the definition: a person's principles or standards of behavior; one's judgment of what is important in life. For example, money and time are not actually values (despite the picture). It is what money and time give us (or we think they give us) that we value. An even easier way to think about it is this: Every action you take (or choose not to take) reflects your values, whether or not you realize it. And that’s the important part: whether you realize it or not. Unconsciously living according to someone else’s values is likely to cause you confusion and unhappiness down the road. A values assessment is one of the first things I ask my clients

A True Story About the Power of Prioritizing

What's your biggest time-sucking, energy-wasting activity? Email? Scheduling? Facebook? While all of the above are known for sucking you into a black hole where time has no meaning, the one "activity" you probably didn't consider is indecision. Yep, many of us spend countless minutes and hours swirling in indecision, back-and-forthing, pro-and-conning. There's the time spent thinking about a decision, researching a decision, talking to people about the decision—and then there's the background noise in your brain that runs and runs, draining your energy much like a radio left on in a car drains a battery. You may find that you can't get started, have lost your power to be creative, and I susp

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