Giving 80%: Perfection, Procrastination, and the Beauty of Action

Yesterday I was working with my chiropractor/movement specialist on proper form for deadlifts. After a lot of instruction, demonstration, questions and concentration, I had completed about 5 in a 25- minute period. He finally looked at me and said, “80%. Just make them 80% correct.” I looked at him dumbly. “But I don’t want to get injured. That’s why I’m here in the first place.” “You’ve got the right feeling now. You're doing it 'good enough.' There will always be another level to work. Just focus on two things. That’s it. Two things. Now, do 5 more.” I stood, shuffling my feet, trying to assess what was exactly shoulder-width, centering my breath, bracing my back, activating those Kegel mu

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