THIS Is How You Break Out of the "New Normal" Box

All my life I think I’ve been looking for a way to be ok. I’ve pursued innumerable goals and self-improvement plans in an attempt to fulfill the “If I do X, then I’ll be ok/happy/fulfilled/perfect.” I don’t think I’m alone. I think most of us fall into this trap. I believe 2020 is a watershed year, a year that is knocking us out of our comfort zones so that we confront whatever it is we’ve been avoiding. To that end, I’ve been looking for inspiration, a way through, a way out of, this turmoil we find ourselves in as a nation. Listening to Brene Brown’s podcast interview with Sonya Renee Taylor gave me a glimpse of how I can be ok as I am AND what’s possible for the world AND what I can do. T

The Miracle in "You Do You"

I receive notification from LinkedIn that someone I spoke to last winter had landed a new job. I was thrilled for him, but also apprehensive because he had said he wanted out of that industry. Below is the message I received from him, and I’m sharing it with you, (yes I got permission; names omitted; edited for brevity) because it shows what happens when you are true to yourself. (I should also mention that add that this person is 3.5 years away from retirement and got exactly the job he wanted—in the middle of a pandemic.) I got this job by accident. I only applied because I had to pick something. It was slightly over my head, but I figured that was my out. I went through 4 screens/intervie

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