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What's behind an upset?

I love the NCAA basketball tournament, affectionately known as March Madness. Watching the “Big Dance” is a fascinating demonstration of how thinking translates into results.

Have you ever watched a team that’s ahead by 15 or more points blow their lead?

Or, witnessed an unlikely underdog Cinderella team (last year’s UMBC, anyone?) pull off an unimaginable upset.

How does it happen?


It’s all in their heads.

The team with the best thinking wins. Teams that believe they can win, will. Missed shots and sloppy passes won't get in their heads.

But teams that dwell on past mistakes? They eventually unravel. They get frustrated with themselves or teammates or refs. They focus on what's wrong (the past) instead of what's right. In. Front. Of. Them. (The present.)

Sportscasters talk about this concept all the time, but they call it “mental toughness," discipline, confidence and focus. What they are really talking about is what the team or individual is thinking.

That’s what determines success. What you think.

It’s also what makes a great coach. I’d argue that the most important quality is someone who can influence the team to believe in themselves despite all the odds. It’s someone who can inspire every member of the team to do their best.

The question is: Are you inspiring yourself? Are you giving yourself the benefit of your best thinking?

Take a look at your results. If they aren’t where you want them, stop worrying about actions. Look at what you are thinking.

How are you talking to yourself? I’ll bet there’s a clear correlation between what you’ve been thinking and what’s showing up in your life.

If you’d like to do some spring cleaning in the form of good thought hygiene, email me for a complimentary session. One good mental cleansing might be all you need to shift the momentum of your life. Free session to anyone who is new to me.

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